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Head to Toe Salon & Spa


Alexandria Sugar Services

Our Certified Alexandria Professional a works with a paste that resembles honey to remove hair. The sugar paste is molded onto the skin and removed with a flicking motion of the hand in the direction of the hair growth, which captures shorter hairs and causes less breakage than waxing. In addition, since the sugar paste is not a resin like wax, it will only exfoliate dead skin cells instead of removing live cells, as wax does. Your skin is less irritated by the hair removal and will not be raw after sugaring as it is with waxing. Because it removes hair at an earlier stage it also begins to retard the growth of the hair, often resulting in less and finer hair.

Full Face Sugaring...$50.00

Under Arm Sugaring...$45.00

Full Leg Sugaring...$85.000

Bikini Sugaring...$60.00

French Bikini Sugaring...$65.00

Full Brazilian Sugaring...$75.00

Classic Waxing Services

Brow waxing...$12.00

Lip & Chin waxing...$12.00

Under Arm Waxing...$45.00

Leg Waxing...$40.00

Bikini Waxing...$45.00

Brazilian Waxing...$60.00